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By on July 20, 2016

There are many free websites to choose from which can cause you difficulties as you want to create your own website although you do not want it to become costly.

If you are not careful then there can be a number of hidden costs implicated for creating your own website due to the hosting fees. There is only one clear purchase requirement for this website and that can be for the whole year.

Do you need a high quality website? Well, look no further. This website is perfect for you.

North Star Graphics are giving you the opportunity to be able to have a free website with the only requirement to purchase web hosting for only $84 a year. This will allow you to be able to have WordPress installed on your hosting.

By having WordPress installed, then this can put you back in the driving seat as you can be in control of the content that you include on your website. There are many advantages to using WordPress as you have lots of content available without many cost implications. You also have the freedom to adapt and change, update and to add promotional materials quickly and effectively. This will enable you to build and develop on your own skills for using WordPress and you can engage with your customers more readily.

You may become frustrated if you have to contact your web designer every time you need to make a change or to make an alteration to the page. You may also want to provide updates to your customers or photos of recent events to give them full coverage. Dependant on your business, you may also like to showcase your work or some recent photographs that you have taken.

You may also like to have a personal approach to sharing material with your customers through the main website rather than through social media. However, you could still also link your website to any feeds that run through social media. It can be easier for you to have a central hub where you keep all your main sources of information about your business.

You will then be able to choose a theme and then set about designing your own website. This is very straightforward for you to be able to set up a free website.

There are plenty of examples of the designs that you can choose from in order to make this successful. Why not choose something unusual and creative?

We also have a large range of logos that you can choose from and adapt for your own design. They can include text and images or just text on its own. You may even prefer to have a main image as your logo design as you are an established brand in the local area.

North Star Graphics also has its own blog page which is currently being set up and you are welcome to respond with messages on this page once it has been updated.

You can call or text 1-805-300-2030 to get started.


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