By on July 20, 2016

In today’s 21st century, many businesses are facing juicy pricing and aggressive marketing challenges at the home tuft from a bigger or well-positioned competitor. Doing business the same way year in year out is not going to distinguish you from your competitors, rather it would get you overlooked whenever clients are looking for a service or a product that your business offer! For your business to compete favourably, you must offer unique products or services to your teaming customers as well as have an avenue to showcase those unique selling points to a wider target audience. One of the recognized ways to go beyond the traditional home store front and succeed, where others are failing, is to have a website, where you can sell your business to a wider market, build credibility, offer great customer service and generate new leads and sales.

Building a professional website can run into hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and this may not be easily available to many small or medium sized businesses. If your business is in that category, where you cannot presently afford a huge budget to spend on building a website, then rejoice because there is a free website builder in town! As they say in the police thriller movies, is here to the rescue!!!


A website established your brand as a professional and credible company as well as providing an avenue for learning about your business. You can quickly update information and answer questions from a prospective client on your website. When you understand the benefits of having a website to showcase your business, a free website offer from would be jumped at with utmost alacrity! Here are some of the features of our free website hosting and building service.

  1. No unnecessary paperwork: No forms to fill or unnecessary paperwork. Our service is simple, clear and easy to understand.
  2. No Hidden Charges: We do not promise a free website with a hidden charge. To qualify for a free website building, you only pay for the website hosting which is just $84 a year!
  3. Experienced web designer: I know you do not want your website to feel like a clone or identical to other sites. Therefore allow a professional web designer to create your free business website. At North Star Graphics, we have been creating professional websites for more than 15 years now, so be rest assured that your free website would be of high quality.
  4. Highly Responsive Websites: With more traffic coming in from mobile phones than desktop computers, we will create a free website for your business that offers same viewing experience for both desktop and mobile phones.
  5. Custom Designs: We do not use existing free templates, but we build your free website from scratch!
  6. Quick Turnaround: We will build and deliver your free website on time.

Every business needs a website to showcase itself to the general public, generate leads and sales. If you are still undecided, quickly decide and join North Star Graphics today as we help you make sales via your professionally built free website. Contact quickly via phone on or visit today!



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